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This summer four cycling enthusiasts and mitochondrial scientists are taking outdoor sports and fundraising to the next level

. TeamMITO is cycling between 4-9 June from Copenhagen to Cologne (on average 120 km per day!), arriving for EuroMIT - European Mitochondrial Disease Conference 2017.

If you would like to join or support the exciting ride, follow TeamMITO on Facebook or donate towards research into mitochondrial diseases!

Following TeamMITO members cycle the tour:

Christopher Carroll, Anu Wartiovaara lab

Janne Purhonen, Vineta Fellman lab

Olesia Ignatenko, Anu Wartiovaara lab

Markus Innilä, Anu Wartiovaara lab

TeamMITO is an independent group of Finnish-based cycling enthusiasts that organise cycling events to raise awareness of mitochondrial diseases and raise sponsorship for research in diagnosing and treating mitochondrial diseases.