Call for Papers Rovaniemi 2020

Call for Papers

The Finnish Sociology Days 2020 Conference: Community

26th of March –27th of March 2020 University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland

Work group no 24

Communities in Transnational Diasporas


Saara Koikkalainen (University of Lapland)

Mari Toivanen (University of Helsinki)

Östen Wahlbeck (University of Helsinki)

Languages of the work group: English and Finnish

In the current global era, voluntary and forced migration, as well as different short-term mobilities of various kinds, forge ties across borders. This has generated a need for information about how diasporic communities operate, what is the role of migrant agency in creating and maintaining transnational ties, and how social resources can bridge the divide between migrants’ new home countries and societies of origin. Empirically grounded information on the scope, nature and intensity of migrant communities’ transnational engagements in different contexts can inform how structural factors impede or facilitate the creation of such engagements and what kind of roles do these communities play in their members’ everyday lives. The workshop invites papers that focus on, for example, (1) theorisations of transnational communities and diasporic networks, (2) the dynamics of communities’ social and political organisation in local, (trans)national and global contexts, and (3) how social resources such as migrant capital and different social, political and affective transnational ties and practices are mobilized as social/political action among members of diaspora communities both in the societies of settlement and departure.

Please send your abstracts directly the coordinators no later than Friday 31 January 2020 (this is a new extended deadline). The length is maximum 300 words and it can be sent in .doc, .docx or rtf-format.

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