Field Course in Micrometeorology and Hydrology 2020

The annual master-level course "Field course in micrometeorology and hydrology" was arranged in Hyytiälä forest station on the 21st–25th September, 2020.

The course's students from several different disciplines spent five days learning about measurement techniques in micrometeorology, limnology and hydrology, focusing especially on carbon, water and energy fluxes between different ecosystems and the atmosphere. As the course is very intensive in its nature, the students' week was also filled with analysing data and giving a scientific talk about their findings, not to forget about the sauna and barbecue evenings!

The interdisciplinary background of the students made it possible to have a very broad spectrum of research topics in the course: the groups wrote their final reports about eddy covariance, forest and lake hydrology, and floating chamber measurements. The reports were of high quality and the week spent in the field was truly a learning experience for the students.