This is our current research group at Helsinki. Please, get in touch if you are interested in joining with your own funding, as avisiting researcher or are interested in writing a fellowship application.
Ville-Petri Friman, Group Leader
Eeva Marttinen, Finnish Research Impact Foundation Postdoctoral Researcher

Office 2213 (Biocenter 1)

Erqin Li, Marie Skłodowska Postdoctoral Fellow

Office 2213 (Biocenter 1)

Connor Hendrich, Finnish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow

Office 2213 (Biocenter 1)

Meeri Piispa, Doctoral Researcher

Office 2212 (Biocenter 1)

Kim Kreuze, Doctoral Researcher

I am researching the role that bacteriophages (phages) play in the development of the infant gut microbiome. I aim to use of combination of bioinformatic approaches and lab experiments to specifically research the ways phages affect the movements of genes between bacteria through their interactions with mobile genetic elements and defence systems. I believe that phages have an underappreciated, crucial role in the normal healthy development of the gut microbiome. Additionally, I have a profound interest in the underexplored diversity of phages, their evolution and ecological roles.

Yue Yin, CSC Doctoral Researcher

Office 2210 (Biocenter 1)

Nelson Tukiainen, Laboratory assistant

I'm working as a research assistant on a project about phage training, and assessing the effectivity of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa specific bacteriophages.

Paulina Parra Castro, Visiting Researcher

Office 2212 (Biocenter 1)