If you are interested in joining our lab, please email me explaining how your research interests overlap with mine and describe what you are interested in working on. Please also include your CV. Available phd and post doc positions will be announced both on this website, the University of Helsinki website and on evoldir. If no open positions are currently listed it means that you will either need to provide some of your own funding or that we prepare a proposal to submit to a funding body.

We have many projects suited for undergraduate and graduate students including theoretical work, analysis of existing empirical data or opportunity for fieldwork as part of ongoing projects or design of new projects. So if you are interested in the topics we work on and would like to do a project get in touch!

We are particularly eager to attract MSc student projects as part of the EuroScholar scheme and can offer projects related to genetics and genomics approaches on natural populations. In particular the research on population structure and phenotypic plasticity in water striders would be well suited for a single or two term project. We are a highly international and social research group!




Currently no open positions.