Araschnia levana (Linnaeus, 1758)

Map Butterfly (UK)
Karttaperhonen (FIN)
Kartfjäril (SWE)

Size 28-39 mm. Palaearctic distribution from Far East throughout Asia to Europe. Ongoing range expansion in Europe during recent decades. A fairly new species also in Finnish butterfly fauna. First observed in Finland in 1973. Has expanded north- and westwards in eastern Finland since 1983. In the end of 1990's colonised also the southern coast of Finland, the migrants most likely brought over the Gulf of Finland with south-easterly winds. The species has two generations per summer with distinct appearance: spring generation is orange with black markings, second generation in late summer is black with white markings. The larvae develop gregariously on nettle Urtica dioica. Overwinters as pupae.

Araschnia levana - The map butterfly

Araschnia levana - The map butterfly larvae