Agathidium pulchellum (Wankowicz, 1869)

Korukeräpallokas (FIN)
Brokig aspmycelbagge (SWE)

A round fungus beetle, very small (under 4 mm) with distinctive hearth-shaped black figure on elytra. Formerly thought to be dependent on aspens, but is now found primarilly on slime moulds on dead lying trees. Both adults and larvae eat sporangia of slime moulds. May be monophagic on Trichia decipiens. Larvae are not described thus cannot be identified. A. pulchellum is endangered (EN) in Finland, and is nowadays found only in few localities. Though species may be more common, as the habitat of the species, slime moulds, is ephemeral and not easy to find (sporangia are usually small, and are found under tree trunks and under bark).

Agathidium pulchellum