New visiting researchers

We are happy to introduce our two newest lab members: Martina Curti, an Italian Erasmus+ trainee, and Martins Kaukulis, a Latvian researcher, who are both partaking in a mobility exchange in Finland.
Welcome to the lab Martina and Martins!

Our multidisciplinary MedChem team is a diverse melting pot, as we believe that the fusion of different cultures and backgrounds fuels innovation and creativity. As part of our lab family, we naturally encourage Martina and Martins to explore the Finnish way of life, including trying the local cuisine. We trust that their time here will not only aid in their personal and professional development but also make a lasting impact on our collective pursuit of knowledge.

Martina Curti

Ciao! I'm Martina, and I am from Italy. In December, I successfully completed my master's degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo". Currently, I am participating in a traineeship through the Erasmus+ Traineeship mobility program at the University of Helsinki, specifically at the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology. As a visiting student of the Medicinal Chemistry group, I will be in the laboratory from January until June, working on a project focused on the organic synthesis and characterization of new bis-indole derivatives as potential anti-Leishmania agents. Throughout my university studies, I have developed a keen interest in medicinal chemistry, particularly in the field of organic synthesis. This traineeship provides me with an opportunity to deepen my knowledge and acquire new methods and techniques.

Additionally, I have always desired to explore medicinal chemistry research abroad, and I believe that the University of Helsinki, with its innovative centre of science, is the perfect destination to broaden my horizons and pave the way for my future career. Finland has always fascinated me due to its cultural and environmental values, which align with my own. I am particularly drawn to the Nordic countries' emphasis on the environment. Moreover, I enjoy Finland's snowy landscapes as it allows me to indulge in one of my favourite hobbies, skiing. I also engage in other snow-related activities such as cross-country skiing and snowshoe trekking. However, I have other hobbies as well, including playing volleyball, art, walking, and traveling. While I have already explored Helsinki and its surroundings, I am eager to visit other cities in the vicinity and experience the renowned Lapland.

Martins Kaukulis

Čau! I'm Martins, a dedicated chemist from the esteemed Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, specifically the Laboratory of Membrane Active Compounds and β-diketones. Additionally, I'm in the final year of my master's program in Chemistry and Chemical Technology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Riga Technical University. I try pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge as I pursue my journey in research, and excited to see the positive impact it might have on the world.

Currently, I'm happy to be on a two-month secondment at Helsinki University, where I'll be contributing to the Springboard project. This exciting initiative is dedicated to the development of antibacterials, aiming to combat the growing threat of bacterial infections. I'll be working diligently until the end of March to make a meaningful impact in this field. Before my involvement in the Springboard project, I had the privilege of working on the Nano4Glio project focusing on the application of nanomedicine for the treatment of glioblastoma, a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer. It was an incredible experience, and I'm proud to have contributed to advancements in the fight against this devastating disease.