Professor in risk governance, group leader

Päivi is a PhD in environmental social sciences. She holds a docentship (adjunct professor) in environmental policy, and is a Master of Art in cultural anthropology. She has long experience on interdisciplinary analyses of social-ecological systems, and risk and decision analysis  in the fields of fisheries management and shipping.

Ecosystems and Environment Research Programme
Field of science Social and cultural anthropology

Doctoral student, MSSc in Sociology

Suvi is a PhD student in the Doctoral Programme in Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences at University of Helsinki. She holds a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Helsinki. Her ongoing doctoral research explores normative dimensions of fisheries governance. She is also interested in sociology of risk and uncertainty, comparative environmental politics, and media framings of environmental issues.

Technical Assistant
Ecosystems and Environment Research Programme
Field of science Sociology, Environmental sciences

Doctoral student

Tuuli is a PhD student at Helsinki University Ecosystems and Environment Research Programme (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences). She received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences (Marine Conservation) from Plymouth University (UK) and a master’s degree in International Development Studies from Université Grenoble Alpes (France). She also holds a bachelor’s degree in English Philology from Turku University (Finland). Her research focuses on oil spill risk governance and science-policy interface. Her current work examines the use and utility of probabilistic oil spill risk models in the Baltic Sea.

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Mia is currently finalising her doctoral thesis on Baltic Sea environmenal and fisheries governance at the University of Tampere. She holds an MSc in environmental policy from the University of Tampere and a BSc in marine sciences from the University of Southampton. Her research interests include marine and water policy and governance from the perspective of environmental protection, sustainable development, resource use and climate change. Her work has focused on Baltic Sea governance systems, science-policy interface, policy integration, risk management, participatory approaches and scenarios. 

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