New MSc course in Aquatic Biogeochemistry attracts students across disciplines

The new course "Advanced Aquatic and Sediment Biogeochemistry" is part of the ECGS Master's Program at University of Helsinki

30 students are currently participating in the MSc-level course Advanced Aquatic and Sediment Biogeochemistry at the University of Helsinki. The course is run by members of ABRU-MERG and is being offered in the current study year (2018-2019) for the first time. The course is part of the Master's Program in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability (ECGS) and is also listed in the Master's Program in Geology and Geophysics.

Tom Jilbert, Eero Asmala, Karl Attard, Sami Jokinen and Mareike Paul have all contributed to the course, which aims to give students a high-level understanding of processes in aquatic biogeochemistry. The course focuses strongly on coastal systems, and especially sediment processes, in which ABRU-MERG researchers are specialized. 

The course adopts an innovative teaching model including pre-recorded lectures and computer practical sessions at which students learn quantitative principles and solve real-world problems in aquatic biogeochemistry. On 16 April the course also hosted a minisymposium featuring talks from young researchers including Åbo Akademi's Stefan Mattbäck (pictured).