Iines Salonen publishes new study in FEMS

The study shows how metabarcoding can be used to investigate seasonal changes in sediment eukaryotic communities

ABRU and MERG PhD student Iines Salonen recently published her first paper, entitled "Metabarcoding successfully tracks temporal changes in eukaryotic communities in coastal sediments", in the journal FEMS. The study is the first to demonstrate that DNA fingerprinting of sediment eukaryotic communities is sensitive to short timescale changes at a single location. This increases the potential value of the approach in studies of benthic ecosystems, especially in highly dynamic areas. Iines has been using metabarcoding techniques extensively in her PhD work within the project "Mi­cro­bi­o­logy: the miss­ing link in benthic foraminiferal eco­logy", led by Karoliina Koho.

Link to the article here.