The specialist groups of Maker culture, Design learning and Technology – MaDe coordinates research through the following two research groups. Within the research groups operates several research projects. We are also affiliated with larger research projects in the faculty of educationa sciences, in co-operation with other faculties and also with other universities, both nationally and internationally.

In our research, we are interested in creativity and expert knowledge that emerge though processes of design and skill learning. We study design, craft and home economics as maker cultures, related processes of designing and making, as well as, material and immaterial outcomes of those processes. Our field of research also governs aspects related to design, art, home economics, the management of everyday life, technology, sustainability and well-being. We are interested in the maker culture, its development and relations to local, as well as, virtual international, communities, in which skills of making by hand are practiced, taught and tutored. Furthermore, we are also interested in social creativity, collaboration and communication. We examine pedagogical aspects that relate to knowledge-creating and teaching of design skills.