PhD Seminars
Maker@STEAM research team has the following PhD seminars.
Collective Creativity

Professors: Kai Hakkarainen, Jari Lavonen, Kalle Juuti and Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen

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Collective Creativity is one of the Maker@STEAM research seminars. The team situates to the research interest areas of education, society, culture, learning and interaction, within the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Themes: Research projects and dissertations that are connected to maker cultures, collaborative designing, research on teaching and learning in school science, and digital learning environments at schools. Many of the projects are conducted in the frame of Design Based Research.

Seminars meet once a month in Wednesdays at 16–18 o’clock in English.

Biology Education and SE

Professors: Anna Uitto

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Short description: Biology education and sustainability education are seminar themes in  Maker@STEAM and they belong in the research interest areas of Learning & interaction and Education, society & culture within the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Themes: Research ideas, projects and dissertations are connected to different topics of biology education research. Themes are conceptual understanding, teaching and learning in digital and out-of-school learning environments, inquiry and process-based teaching and learning, visualization and model construction in school biology, comparative curriculum studies, relevance of biology education, socio-scientific issues in genetics education, sustainability and biodiversity education. Both qualitative and quantitative research approaches are used.

Seminars meet once a month in Wednesday. Language Finnish or English