GeneCellNano Flagship

The GeneCellNano program was selected as an Academy of Finland Flagship. The idea behind the flagship is to make progress in the treatment of important diseases that really makes a difference for patients. Advanced biologic technologies are the key to make that happen.

Target diseases include ischemic heart disease, selected cancers, and retinopathy. The application was spearheaded by Seppo Ylä-Herttuala from the University of Eastern Finland and Seppo Vainio from the University of Oulu. In addition to groups from these two universities, the consortium features also groups from Aalto University (Olli Ikkala) and the University of Helsinki (groups Marjo Yliperttula, Timo Laaksonen, Hélder A. Santos, Tatu Lajunen, and my own).

While you are waiting for the actual web pages to go live at , you can read the press release of the Academy of Finland:…