The LEARN (Longitudinal Educational Achievements: Reducing Inequalities) project adopts a longitudinal approach to shed light on patterns of inequality. By examining short-, medium-, and long-term trends, LEARN aims to support educational policymaking with robust, evidence-based interventions.

A Comprehensive Approach

LEARN utilizes a case study methodology in nine carefully selected countries that represent the diverse educational systems of Europe. This approach allows for the mapping and collection of existing data, providing original analyses of various high-quality longitudinal educational datasets across Europe.

Identifying Effective Interventions

The project focuses on identifying interventions that address educational inequalities. By synthesizing existing research across Europe, LEARN examines specific trends and the effectiveness of interventions aimed at reducing disparities. The insights gained will help develop practical tools for policymakers, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Long-Term Impact

By enhancing the evidence base for educational policymaking, LEARN aims to create a lasting positive impact on education systems across Europe. The findings and tools developed through this project are expected to benefit policymakers, educators, and students for decades to come.