The GramAdapt team will be introduced in January's HALS meeting

ERC project "Linguistic Adaptation" team members Francesca Di Garbo, Eri Kashima, Ricardo Napoleão de Souza and Kaius Sinnemäki (PI) will give short presentations about their past and current work in HALS meeting January 24th 2020 at 15:00-17:00 in room 4 at Metsätalo ork with the following titles:
  • Francesca Di Garbo: Linguistic variation and adaptation in nominal morphosyntax: some insights from previous and ongoing research
  • Eri Kashima: Variation and descriptive sociolinguistics from Southern New Guinea
  • Ricardo Napoleão de Souza: Phonetic variation and (morpho)phonological change from cross-linguistic and typological perspectives

The presentations are followed by an informal networking reception with bubbles and nibbles. Please sign up for the event by 21st of January.