Introducing the new GramAdapt team member

Dr. Ricardo Napoleão de Souza joined the Gram Adapt team in September, 2019. He will be focusing on the historical and phonological aspects of the project. We asked a few questions about his experiences in Finland.

Who are you and what’s your role in the team?

I am a post-doctoral researcher who specializes in historical linguistics, phonetics and phonological typology.

What made you choose Helsinki University ?

It hosts a vibrant general linguistics department, also one which emphasizes research in linguistic typology.

What do you think about Helsinki as a place to live?

Helsinki has been a very pleasant surprise. Even though it is relatively small, there is plenty to do and see all days of the year.

What do you do on your spare time?

I am into the arts in general; cinema, contemporary art and literature in particular. When I'm not working, I am probably doing something related to those things (and exercising when I find the energy).

Can you share an interesting fact about your research?

When you look at many languages, especially those outside Europe, you realize Finnish isn't as difficult or different as non-linguists tend to portray it.

What are your first impressions about Finnish culture and language?

I really like the unassuming, quiet and 'humble' aspect of Finnish culture. It isn't about bragging, but about getting things done in an efficient way and enjoying life when and how you can.

Read more about Ricardo's research here.