GramAdapt interviewed for EU Research Magazine

Researchers of the GramAdapt project talk about the project’s aims, methodology and focus on cross-linguistic diversity.

The GramAdapt project is featured in the autumn 2020 issue of the EU Research magazine. The magazine is a world-leading open access publication for Europe-based scientific research and dissemination, with over 50,000 subscribers in the academia, the government, and the private sector. The article, “Uncovering the world’s linguistic diversity”, interviews GramAdapt researchers Kaius Sinnemäki, Francesca Di Garbo, Eri Kashima and Ricardo Napoleão de Souza about the project’s ERC funded research. The article offers a first peek into the project’s innovative methodology of bridging approaches to typological and sociolinguistic variation.

Read the article here: Uncovering the world's linguistic diversity

You can also read the full issue of EU Research here: EU Researcher, Autumn 2020 issue .