Application of research design into teaching : "New methods in typological approaches to language contact"

The GramAdapt research team members are designing and teaching a course at the University of Helsinki in the fall period 2021. "New methods in typological approaches to language contact" offers a hands-on approach to a comparative approach to language contact. The first lecture was held 8th of September and the course runs until 15th of December.

It's a one of kind of course that's based directly on the outcomes of the ERC project. It's on four parts and it's a combination of linquistic and sociolinguistic investigations. Each unit is taught by a different team member based on their expertise on the project. The course offers a cutting edge approach in combining linguistic typology to sociolinguistics through the topic of language contact. 

More detailed information is available at University of Helsinki course page.

We are very exited that we can provide fresh research-based teaching to our students and learn together with them about the world's linguistic diversity.