Downloads related to Glanville fritillary genome project.

Genome sequence v1

Download the files described in this section

Superscaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_superscaffolds_v1.fsa.gz
Fasta file of 1,453 superscaffolds placed in 31 chromosomes. Includes 283 Mb (72%) of the assembled genome.

Unplaced scaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_unplaced_scaffolds.fsa.gz
Fasta file of 4,846 other scaffolds without chromosome assignments. Includes 111 Mb (28%) of the assembled genome

AGP file for scaffolds relative to superscaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_superscaffolds.agp

Scaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_scaffolds_v1.fsa.gz 
Fasta file of 8,261 final scaffolds. Mitochondrial DNA is in MT_scaffold1.

Contigs: Melitaea_cinxia_contigs_v1.fsa.gz
Fasta file of 49,844 final contigs. Mitochondrial DNA is in contig2.

AGP file for contigs relative to scaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_scaffolds_v1.agp


Linkage map

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Chromosome assignments for superscaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_superscaffolds2chr_v1.txt

Chromosome assignments for scaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_scaffolds2chr_v1.txt


Gene sets v1

Download the files described in this section

Nucleotide sequences: Melitaea_cinxia_transcripts_v1.fsa.gz

Protein sequences: Melitaea_cinxia_proteins_v1.fsa.gz

Gene features for protein-coding genes on scaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_v1.0.034.gff3.gz

Gene features for non-coding genes on scaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_ncRNA_v1.gff

Gene features for mitochondrial DNA on scaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_mtDNA.gff

Start and stop sites for protein coding genes on superscaffolds: Melitaea_cinxia_genes2superscaffolds_v1.gff


Functional annotations for protein coding genes on scaffolds

Download the files described in this section

Protein descriptions, GO and EC classifications: Melitaea_cinxia_functional_annotations_v1.txt.gz

KEGG pathways: Melitaea_cinxia_kegg_v1.txt

InterPro annotations: Melitaea_cinxia_interPro_v1.txt


Repeat libraries

Transposable element library: Melitaea_cinxia_TEs.fsa.gz