PhD student

Office: 5205 (Biocenter 3)

"Butterflies in the changing climate" Funded by Academy of Finland (started in February 2016). Co-supervised by Mikko Kuussaari (SYKE).

  • life history ecology
  • environmental stress
  • dispersal
  • climate change
  • conservation

PhD student

Office: 5607 (Biocenter 3)

"Variability, spatial synchrony and scaling of population dynamics in northern butterflies". Funded by the LUOVA doctoral programme (to TS, started in January 2017). Co-supervised by Jarno Vanhatalo.

  • dispersal
  • extinction thresholds
  • spatial synchrony
  • landscape ecology

Virpi Ahola (Post-doctoral researcher 2016-2018)

Elena Rosa (Phd student 2014-2018)

Lu­isa Woest­mann (Phd student 2014-2017)

Guillaume Minard (Post-doctoral researcher 2015-2017)