With our collaborators, we investigate aspects of legumes from gene to plate and back again.

Our main crop is faba bean, and we dabble in the agricultural lupins (narrow-leafed, yellow and white), lentil, pea and other crops.

We have four main research subjects:

  1. Genomic tools for faba bean breeding.
  2. Legumes in cropping systems.
  3. Phenotyping of stress responses to identify sources of resistance or tolerance.
  4. Legume quality for food and feed.

Things get more interesting when these subjects overlap and that’s why many of the projects listed below are funded. What are the genes determining quality and stress response? How does stress response affect end-use quality? How do these factors affect yield stability and market value, so farmers will use the legumes in their cropping systems?

Ground for Growth network

Ground for Growth is a network of farmers, consumers, their organizations, as well as representatives of NGOs and food enterprises that work together with scientists to co-create future directions for increased legume production and consumption in Finland. The network focuses on pulses that can be cultivated in Finland, that is, faba beans, peas and lupins, and to a lesser extent soy.