The researchers belonging to the Learning Research and Educational Psychology Research Community are listed here. You can find more information about their research interests and activities through the research profile links below.
Edu­ca­tional Psy­cho­logy

Kirsti Lonka, Professor / Research Director,

Liisa Karlsson, Senior University Lecturer / Adjunct Professor,

Katja Upadyaya, University lecturer / Postdoctoral researcher,

Lauri Hietajärvi, University lecturer,

Erika Maksniemi, Doctoral researcher,

Milla Kruskopf, Doctoral researcher,

Heidi Lammassaari, Doctoral researcher,

Niina Halonen, Doctoral researcher,

Terhi Nissinen, Doctoral researcher,

Iida Vedenpää, Doctoral researcher,

Rekar Abdulhamed, Doctoral researcher,

Minna Berg, Doctoral researcher,

Lauri Vaara, Doctoral researcher,

Mette Ranta, part-time Postdoctoral researcher,

Katja Leiman, Research assistant,

HYPE – Centre for University Teaching and Learning
Mo­tiv­a­tion, Learn­ing, and Well-Be­ing

Markku Niemivirta, Research director,

Antti-Tuomas Pulkka, As­so­ci­ate Mil­it­ary Pro­fessor (NDU),

Heta Tuominen, University lecturer,

Anna Tapola, Postdoctoral researcher,

Henrik Husberg, Doctoral researcher,

Henriikka Juntunen, Doctoral researcher,

Anna Kuusi-Naumanen, Doctoral researcher,

Katariina Nuutila, Doctoral researcher,

Anna Rawlings, Doctoral researcher,

Jenny Ståhlberg, Doctoral researcher,

TEdu – Tech­no­logy in Education
Minds Hub

Katariina Salmela-Aro, Academy Professor,

Katja Upadyaya, University lecturer / Postdoctoral researcher,

Lauri Hietajärvi, University lecturer,

Veli-Matti Vesterinen, University lecturer / Postdoctoral researcher,

Rasmus Mannerström, University lecturer / Postdoctoral researcher,

Florencia Sortheix, Postdoctoral researcher,

Junlin Yu, Postdoctoral researcher, 

Toyama Hiroyuki, Postdoctoral researcher,

Kaja Mädamürk, Postdoctoral researcher,

Sanna Read, Postdoctoral researcher,

Janica Vinni-Laakso, Project planner / Doctoral researcher,

Elisa Vilhunen, Doctoral researcher,

Jussi Järvinen, Doctoral researcher,

Erika Maksniemi, Doctoral researcher,

Kati Puukko, Doctoral researcher, 

Salla Veijonaho, Doctoral researcher,

Anne Lakkavaara, Doctoral researcher,

Inka Ronkainen, Doctoral researcher,

Yirou Fang, Doctoral researcher, 

Kezia Olive, Doctoral researcher,

Lotta Allemand, Doctoral researcher,

Ida Huttunen, Research assistant,

Johannes Gale, Research assistant,