Learning, Culture and Interventions is an expert group devoted to advancing high-quality research, and research-based teaching and societal interaction at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki.

It offers a conceptual home to all those academics at the faculty whose research rests on sociocultural and /or activity theoretical perspectives, with a specific interest on reciprocal interaction between theory and practice.

Research foci
  • Learning in developmental and longitudinal perspective
  • Learning in and across settings and communities; such as, formal education (e.g. early childhood education and care (ECEC), basic education, vocational and higher education, adult education); healthcare and welfare institutions; workplaces; 
  • other communities of culture and science (e.g. libraries, museums, science centers), virtual communities, social movements and everyday life.
  • Tool-mediated learning, including the mediating role of arts and digital literacies for learning and development
  • Social interaction, engagement and identity formation
  • Human agency, democracy and politics
  • New forms and demands of learning and organization of activity within changing societal, cultural, economic and technological landscapes
  • Expansive learning with a specific attention to contradictions as drivers for change
  • Cultures of learning characterizing systematic change, institutional development and communities of practice
  • Play and imagination across the life course
  • Pursuit of innovation, design and social creativity as challenges and opportunities for education, work and learning
Research methodologies
  • Participatory research methodologies
  • Formative interventions and developmental work research
  • Video-research methodologies
  • Visual research methodologies
  • Discourse analysis and interaction analysis methods, and other applied sociolinguistic methodologies
  • Narrative research
  • Ethnographic research methodologies
Research Projects

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Research Centers

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