About the group

Learning, Culture and Interventions (LECI) is an expert group devoted to advancing high-quality research, and research-based teaching and societal interaction at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki.

It offers a conceptual home to all those academics at the faculty whose research rests on sociocultural and /or activity theoretical perspectives, with a specific interest on reciprocal interaction between theory and practice.

The expert group builds on multidisciplinarity and in addition to education it draws on other relevant disciplines including anthropology, applied linguistics, cultural studies, media studies, organization studies, philosophy, and sociology. We embrace history and are, at the same time, particularly interested in future-oriented research designs, which aim at community building and co-design of future activities in different institutional and non-institutional settings.

Via its research activities such as regular seminars and workshops, the expert group also offers an academic community to national and international visitors of the faculty.

More information about our research topics can be found here.