Global EUrope on trial conference

We are pleased to announce the Global Europe on trial conference organized in Helsinki, November 25-27.11.

Positioning Europe in the wider world has become an increasingly contentious issue both in research and in politics. Grand narratives of European unification and global value leadership have been challenged by decolonial and global ‘turns’ in scholarship. 70 years after the wave of independence of former European colonies, Europe is still coming to terms with its past and its violent colonial legacy. Meanwhile, crises of democracy, climate breakdown, and geopolitics underscore the need to reassess the global role of Europe (today)

The conference Global EUrope on Trial brings together scholars and political actors from Europe and beyond to discuss Europe’s past and present relationship with the surrounding world. We reflect on the drivers of periodic reimaginations of Europe and consider how the formation of new narratives may shape our collective future. We particularly welcome contributions dealing with legal and institutional perspectives, including from disciplines such as law, political sciences, international relations, and history.

Keynote 1: Dr. Signe Rehling Larsen (University of Oxford)

Panel 1: Theme: EU law & the remains of empire.

Keynote 2: Dr. Liliane Umubyeyi (African Futures Lab)

Panel 2: Theme: contemporary political economy / contemporary concrete view / reparations. 

Keynote 3: Dr. Robin de Bruin (University of Amsterdam) 

Round table discussion

Dr. Liliane Umubyeyi

Liliane Umubyeyi is a Rwandan and Belgian Rule of Law and Access to Justice researcher and practitioner. Prior to establishing AfaLab, Liliane worked in the field of international development (United Nations, United Nations Development Program, International Centre for Transitional Justice, Lawyers without Borders, and the American Bar Association) on projects concerning access to justice for marginalized groups, transitional justice, and gender justice. This professional background and her lived experience in Africa (Rwanda, South Africa, Central African Republic) and in Europe (Belgium, France) inform her thinking about the decolonization of development policy and practice, the decolonization of international law and justice systems, and the possibilities for repairing historical and contemporary racial violence. Liliane holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (France) and in Law from the Université Saint Louis Bruxelles (Belgium), and her dissertation focused on apartheid victims' mobilizations in South African and American courts.

Dr. R.J. (Robin) de Bruin

Robin de Bruin is a senior lecturer specializing in the political history of European integration at the European Studies Department of the University of Amsterdam. He is an active member of the research groups "European Narratives: Power of culture/Cultures of power" and "Memory and Popular Culture" within ARTES, the University of Amsterdam’s School for Regional, Transnational and European Studies.

His research focuses on decolonisation and European integration, Europeanisation and domestic change, and exemplarity as a political process.

The conference is organized at the at the University of Helsinki, Main Building (Fabianinkatu 33). 

There is no conference fee for participants. Travel to and accommodation in Helsinki is covered by the participants. Registration is required and the registration link will be uploaded to this website.