HelRaw: Cristina Rosillo-López 6.3.2023

How to do a census declaration in the Roman Republic: a practical guide.

This paper addresses the practicalities of the census registration during the Roman Republic. First of all, I determine the number of censuses actually conducted and examine the categories of persons included in them. Secondly, I’ll ponder the question of the declaration. Roman citizens had to declare some/all their properties (depending on the period) and then estimate a sum that reflected the value of those properties. But what kind of value? Market value? Symbolic value? Civic value? A number close enough to the value that the official conducting the census had in mind? It is remarkable that, through history, Rome has been one of the few political entities that required the citizens to estimate themselves their own wealth, instead of doing it through experts. What does this tell us about the expectations linked to Roman citizenship?

When: 6th March 2023, at 17:15.

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About the Speaker:

Cristina Rosillo-López is an associate professor focusing on Ancient History at the Pablo de Olavide University.  The Universidad Pablo de Olavide resides in Spain, Seville. Rosillo- López specializes in her studies on the political culture of the later years of the Roman republic. This includes how politics were practiced, the corruption of it, and the role of the people in politics. Another theme she focuses on is the economics of the roman world. For example, debts and the real estate market are researched by Rosillo-López. In addition, her studies show a different perspective of the roman world by revealing the history of women in ancient roman society. This answers our questions about how women participated in the economy and politics.