People belonging to the Labour Law research group.
Ulla Liukkunen

Professor Ulla Liukkunen explores collective bargaining and transformation of work and working life. Her research has a strong international labour law dimension. Her recent publication Collective Bargaining in Labour Law Regimes (2019, Springer) explores legal framework of collective bargaining and the role of different bargaining models in altogether twenty-one jurisdictions throughout the world. It identifies and examines most important development trends affecting domestic labour law regimes and collective bargaining and regulatory responses thereto. The comparative analysis governs transnational dimension of collective bargaining. According to Liukkunen, there is a need for renewed theoretical approaches to and interpretations of collective bargaining regimes deriving from labour law-originated concepts and values.

Jari Murto

Assistant Professor Jari Murto explores Finnish labour law systematics which traditionally builds on a three-layered norm structure. The terms of the employment are determined by 1) legislative norms applicable to all employers and employees 2) provisions in collective agreements, and 3) individual employment contract terms. He argues that a fourth category of norms exists. These firm-specific group norms pertain to the relationship between the firm and its personnel or a personnel sub-group. The aim of Murto is to develop labour law theory to accommodate these norms into labour law systematic. The main research interest of Murto in the field of social law consists of transitional labour market and different transitions, especially questions related to lifelong learning. Murto’s publications include “Finish Basic Income Experiment in the Context of Finnish Social Law System” (University of Parma publication, forthcoming 2020).