Editorial Lab

The Editorial Lab at the Swedish School of Social Science is a site where new forms of journalism and communication are studied and developed.

The Lab monitors developments in the field of media and communication, its current challenges and future prospects. The new watchwords for instruction and research in journalism and communication are digital communication, critical data skills, cooperation, openness, innovation, engagement, and sustainability. Students and professionals alike now need to develop approaches grounded in lifelong learning.

The aims of the Lab are to identify and strengthen good practices in the media and communication crafts, and to develop new models for professional life as well as for research and teaching. It is increasingly crucial that journalists and other communicators possess the competence to swiftly unearth what is relevant in copious flows of data and to assess the verity in the information they find. Critical media literacy needs to be complemented by digital proficiencies and data literacy. The hybrid of the old and the new also entails that value systems must be simultaneously reinforced and amended, because ethics is the foundation of credible and sustainable communication.

The activities of the Lab include pioneering research projects, creative educational initiatives, and innovative ventures that aim to foster the professional life of tomorrow. The Lab organises courses where both students and professionals in the field of journalism and communication learn to utilise new tools and methods. The Lab also arranges seminars and other events where the academy and the media and communication professions can meet and learn from each other.

The Editorial Lab is an open venue for scholars, teachers, students, and people who work in media, journalism, and communication.

The contact person of the Editorial Lab is associate professor Mats Bergman.