Theses and internships


Master's Thesis: Miho Otaki, January 2019 (ongoing)


Research project: Felix Landwehr (Heidelberg University), September 2018

PhD thesis: Wenzhong Zhang, Metal(IV) Phosphate Based Functional Materials for Selectively Harvesting Rare-Earth Elements from Bauxite Residue, November 2018

PhD thesis: Junhua Xu, Recovery of rare-earth elements from NdFeB magnets by zirconium phosphate ion exchangers, August 2018

BSc thesis: Jani Viitala, Radiokoboltin poisto zirkoniumdioksidilla (in Finnish, "Removal of radioactive cobalt by ZrO2"), 2018

Research project: Jan Sebesta (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic) Chemical Characteristic of Sn(Sb)O2 during Co, Tc, and Sr Uptake, 2018


MSc thesis: Lucie Duplouy (Universite de Lille, France), Preliminary investigation of rare earth elements ion exchange on zeolites. May 2016