Stability estimates in a partial data inverse boundary value problem for biharmonic operators at high frequencies

Boya Liu (NC State University), 09.05.2022, via Zoom, 3:30pm-5pm

For zoom access, please contact Bjørn Jensen

We study the inverse boundary value problems of determining a potential in the Helmholtz type equation for the perturbed biharmonic operator from the knowledge of the partial Cauchy data set. Our geometric setting is that of a domain whose inaccessible portion of the boundary is contained in a hyperplane, and we are given the Cauchy data set on the complement. We establish Hölder type stability estimates in the high frequency regime,  with an explicit dependence on the frequency parameter, under mild regularity assumptions on the potentials. In particular, no continuity of the potentials in the main result is assumed, and the required Sobolev regularity assumptions are fairly mild and are independent of the dimension.