Recent events from Interaction and Intervention Research Group and its subprojects.

Academy of Finland funds the project Intersubjective Understanding in Atypical Interaction, starting in September 2020

Research Group Kati Pajo, Seija Pekkala, Satu Saalasti, Leena Tuomiranta, Tuula Tykkyläinen and Minna Laakso (PI) got 4-year funding to study repair organization in conversational interactions involving participants with disorders on cognitive (dementia, autism), linguistic (adult aphasia and developmental language disorder), motor (dysarthria), and sensory-perceptual (hearing impairment) levels of human performance. A dream team of researchers from University of Helsinki (Finnish language), University of Boulder, Colorado (English language), University College London (Language & Cognition), The University of Queensland (Health and rehabilitation sciences) and Macquarie University (Speech Pathology) will collaborate in the project allowing for cross-linguistic comparisons between Finnish and English data sets. We are so happy!

Virtual reality gaming intervention study starts

Doctoral student, MA, SLT Satu Paavola starts studying language intervention in virtual reality gaming environment with grant funding from Lea and Arvo Ylppö Foundation in March 2020. She will also present the findings of a pilot study led by Satu Saalasti in Learning and Plasticity meeting "Videogaming and Cognitive Enhancement" in April.

Four new articles published from the project Communication with the help of hearing aid

In 2019-2020, we have pubished four new scientific articles dealing with hearing loss and hearing aid rehabilitation from the viewpoints of participating in everyday interaction and in decision-making in hearing health encounters.