Interaction Analysis Lab is lead by Ville Harjunen. Participating researchers are postdoc Emmi Koskinen, doctoral researcher Markus Söderman and professor Jan Lindström.
Ville Harjunen

Ville harjunen leads the Interaction Analysis Lab.

Emmi Koskinen

Emmi Koskinen is a PhD in sociology. She defended her dissertation on story reception and affiliation in interactions with neurotypical and Asperger participants in Spring 2022. After that she investigated similar phenomena in relation to narcissistic personality traits in the Academy of Finland funded project ‘Facing Narcissism’. Koskinen has experience in combining qualitative, conversation analytical observations to psychophysiological measurements, and in the EnTiTy project she will continue this line of research as well as broaden the scope of enquiry to electrophysiological measures of brain activity.

Markus Söderman

Markus Söderman wrote his Master's thesis on language choice in digital environments, using combined methods and knowledge from several different subjects and areas of study. Söderman focuses on language choice, sociology of language and digitally mediated communication. Söderman participates in The Action Analysis Lab as a doctoral researcher.

Jan Lindström