The overall objective of ISAP is to facilitate transformation towards sustainable alternative production systems within intensive pig and broiler production in the EU and China, thus improving animal welfare and health, and thereby reducing the need for the use of antimicrobials.  The novel and integrative approach of ISAP takes advantage of the diversity of production systems in the EU and China. The focus of ISAP is on practices during the early period of the animals´ lives, as this period is crucial for the success of the entire production period.

ISAP works with five priority areas, as listed below. A, B and C are part of the ‘One Health – One Welfare’ -concept, and D and E are essential to ensure the socio-economic impact: 

Priority area A (Animal): Animal welfare-friendly production with improved animal health

Priority area B (Antimicrobials and biosecurity): Decreased antimicrobial use and improved biosecurity on-farms

Priority area C (Public health): Reduced risk for public health, including increased meat safety

Priority area D (Farm): Farm-level consequences and producer willingness to introduce alternative practices

Priority area E (Market): Market potential: consumer willingness to pay, emotions, awareness, and repurchase intentions