Some researchers working on this group.
Group Leaders

Martha Arbayani Zaidan is an Academy Research Fellow and a Data Scientist working at the Department of Computer Science and the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR). His research interests are in artificial Intelligence, health monitoring technologies, intelligent control systems, systems identification, and various applications including bio-medical robotics, twin-rotor dynamics, aircraft gas turbine engines, renewable energies, applied physics, atmospheric and environmental sciences as well as other intelligent engineering systems.

Naser Hossein Motlagh is a Senior Researcher at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. His research interests include the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless sensor networks (WSN), environmental sensing, smart buildings, and unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles (UAVs & AUVs), with a focus on networks, platforms, sensing, applications, and services.

Doctoral Researchers

Abdur Rahman is a Doctoral Researcher dedicated to advancing machine learning and deep learning models for the analysis of big scientific data. His primary focus revolves around leveraging AI techniques for processing time-series measurements gathered from research infrastructures, with a particular emphasis on data from SMEAR stations. With a background in Statistics and Applied Mathematics, Abdur’s passion for AI and environmental monitoring drives his commitment to advancing knowledge in these interdisciplinary fields.

Hasan Sarwar is a Doctoral Researcher working on AI for enhancing sensing and scientific instrumentation. Mainly his current focus is on the automation of Stations for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmospheric Relation (SMEAR stations). His research interests include machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent systems and environmental sensing. He also has a keen interest in mobile application development and Virtual Reality (VR) systems

Samuel Chua is a Doctoral Researcher at INAR, focusing on the measurement of air quality and atmospheric aerosols. His research interests include hydrology, glaciology, aerosol science, and machine learning methods. He has conducted fieldwork in diverse environments, from Southeast Asia to Greenland.

Arnab Chattopadhyay is a Doctoral Researcher who is working on building machine learning models for sensors and sensor networks. His interest lies mainly in cyber-physical systems i.e. intelligent computing systems which carry out physical tasks.  Due to his previous background in mechatronics and robotics his approach is more interdisciplinary involving both hardware and software aspects. His current focus is building high quality training datasets for gas sensor calibration by using controlled environments. In the coming years his focus is on building general and narrow AI for systems with high number of sensors such as ships, powerplants and aircrafts.

Research Assistants

Zhanghu Zhao is a Master Student majoring in Computer Science. Currently, he is working as a Research Assistant focusing on the development of machine learning methods for new particle formation event classification. In the near future, he is also going to use deep learning methods to do this task and make comparisons between them.

Jani Kuurasuo is a Master's student majoring in Data Science. Currently, he is working as a Research Assistant focusing on developing image processing methods on the images obtained from a hyper-spectral camera installed on a drone. He will continue his Master thesis on developing Deep learning methods for the classification of hyperspectral imagery of pine trees.

Qianqian Xia is a Master's student majoring in Computer Science. Currently, she focuses on machine learning for large-scale, multi-scenario air quality classification using portable sensors in her thesis work. Prior to her academic pursuits, she excelled as an IT Specialist at a leading data technology company in Wuhan, China. Her diverse background positions her as a valuable contributor to the domain of intelligent environmental monitoring and analytics.

Yangyang Wang is a Master's student majoring in Computer Science. Currently, she is focusing on an IoT project involving sensors and the Raspberry Pi. She has previously worked at the WiFi company TP-Link on the Ethernet Tester project and the Wireless Communication Test System (WCTS) project. Her interests include machine learning, large language models, and IoT.

Sergei Panarin is a Master's student majoring in Data Science. Currently, he is focusing on a Data Science project involving combining sensors and LLMs into a single pipeline. His goal is to turn this project into the foundation for a Master's thesis. Earlier he had worked at Valmet as a part of the Database team and Nokia as a part of the DevOps R&D team.  His interests include machine learning, data engineering and LLMs.


Advisors are senior faculties who provide general advice about the research vision of this group.

Associate Members

Associate members are key research personnel with whom the leaders of this group collaborate closely. 

Research Visitors

Research visitors are researchers who are visiting (presently) or visited (in the past) our group for collaboration.


Lian Duan is a visiting Ph.D. student from Fudan University, China, with a research focus on carbonaceous aerosols in megacities of eastern China. Her primary interests lie in the characterization, source apportionment, and health risk assessment of these aerosols. Additionally, she is keenly interested in utilizing statistical and mathematical modeling techniques to evaluate the potential adverse health effects on residents exposed to prolonged high levels of black carbon.


Alumni are the group's research students and research staff who left the group and continue with their career somewhere else. 


Yiling Hu is currently a Master's student in Atmospheric Science at the University of Helsinki. During the summer, she works as a summer intern to analyze the performance of air quality low-cost sensors installed at SMEAR III and on the highway (in Espoo). Prior to this, she worked as a data algorithm engineer for an environmental consulting company in Shenzhen, China.