Kuure lab is composed of postdoc and PhD students at various stages in their studies. We get technical help from part-time technician and undergraduate students.
Satu Kuure

Docent, Principal Investigator / Director of GM-unit

Satu studied biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Oulu, and completed her PhD at the medical faculty of University of Helsinki in 2007. She then moved to do the postdoc with Professor Frank Constantini at Columbia University Medical Center, after which she continued her research at the Institute of Biotechnology (University of Helsinki) with Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Fellowship. In 2014 she was appointed as junior PI at BI, and in 2015 as a director of GM-unit at the Laboratory Animal Centre of University of Helsinki. Since the fall 2017 her lab has been located in the Faculty of Medicine and in the beginning of 2019 as a part of STEMM research program of Research Programs Unit.

email: Satu Kuure

Niklas Pakkasjärvi

Clinical fellow

Niklas is a pediatric surgeon interested in identifying clinically relevant markers that could be utilized for identifying the  congenital kidney defect patients with the highest risk for renal and urinary track diseases.

email: Niklas Pakkasjärvi

Tomáš Zárybnický

PhD, postdoc

Tomas received his Master's degree at Charles University, Czech Republic, in the study program of Pharmacy. He continued his PhD research in Prof. Barbora Szotakova research group by studying the hepatotoxicity of terpenes and their effects on liver cells. Tomas is interested in generating new  in vivo disease models for rare syndromes as they are vitally needed for development of novel therapeutic interventions.

email: Tomáš Zárybnický

Tomáš Zárybnický's Researcher unique identifier (ORCID)

Sonja Lindfors

PhD, postdoc

Sonja received her Master's degree at University of Helsinki, Finland, in the study program of Biochemistry. She continued her PhD research in Prof. Sanna Lehtonen research group by studying the diabetic nephropathy. Sonja is interested in early development and generating new human-based disease models for rare syndromes .

email: Sonja Lindfors

Sonja Lindfors Researcher unique identifier (ORCID)

Vladislav Iaroshenko


Vlad is a MSc student with biochemistry as a major. He is interested in signaling pathways and completing his Master's thesis with kidney development studies.

email: Vlad Iaroshenko


Julia Koivula


Julia completed her MSc degree at Translational Medicine program by doing her thesis project with Kuure lab. She is interested in embryonic derived Wilms tumor, which is the most common pediatric kidney cancer. Julia utilizes bioinformatic and genetic tools to identify similarities in MAPK/ERK-deficient and Wilms tumor progenitor to reveal new mechanisms driving defective kidney development leading to tumorigenesis.

email: Julia Koivula

Agnés Viherä

Part-time research technician

Agnès is a research technician who started in private companies (Orion, Labsystems) and joined the University of Helsinki in 1997 (Steroid research lab/ Medical chemistry). From 2001, she has been member of Kidney Developmental Biology lab (Hannu Sariola’s group and later Satu Kuure’s group), taking care of the maintenance of the lab and participating in research work (genotyping, cell culture, DNA/RNA work, tissue dissection etc..). She also has been part-time in other labs such as Steroid reseach lab, Evo-Devo (Jukka Jernvall) and just started in BSCC (Timo Otonkoski). She loves dark chocolate and reading.


email: Agnés Viherä


  • Jussi Kupari, post doc
  • Hyuak Nam Kwon, post doc
  • Fu-Ping Zhang, senior scientist
  • Saana Metso, MSc student
  • Anneliis Ihermann-Hella, PhD student
  • Hao Li, PhD student
  • Kristen Kurtzeborn, PhD student