Group members

In silico Drug Discovery group was formed in 2023; currently, the group contains five members, i.e. a PI, a postdoc, a PhD student, and two research assistants.
Ziaurrehman Tanoli, PI

Ziaurrehman Tanoli completed his PhD at the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the end of 2013. During his PhD, he developed machine learning (ML) based methods to classify G protein-coupled receptors, one of the biggest protein families targeted by approved rugs. During his first postdoc at the University of Sannio, Italy, 2014-2015, he developed ML-based pipelines to identify long noncoding RNAs in human, mouse, and zebrafish. From 2015-2023, he pursued several postdocs at the University of Helsinki, where he developed several in-silico methods and tools supporting drug discovery and repurposing. In 2023, Ziaurrehman Tanoli launched his independent career as a principal investigator at FIMM.


Other group members:

In silico Drug Discovery group at FIMM.