Immunotherapy among innovation, vanguard and creativity: Prof. Vincenzo Cerullo and his experience in Helsinki

Immunotherapy has revolutionized the treatment of many cancers and research continues to make progress to find increasingly effective treatments. Research and new immuno-oncological therapies, for several years now and with extraordinary results, has been involved in Prof. Vincenzo Cerullo.
Italian, born in Naples where he graduated in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies at the Federico II University, after an experience in Houston in the United States, he chose Finland, where he brilliantly teaches and leads the Immune-Viro-Therapy laboratory (IVTLab) ImmunoViroTherapyLab, an international and interdisciplinary laboratory that promotes cutting-edge research in the field of oncoimmunology and immunotherapy. We interviewed him, to let us tell about his experience, the most important projects and the goals achieved.