Single cell course week

In this course week you will learn how to prepare single cell RNAseq libraries with platforms currently existing in Helsinki (10x Genomics Chromium, SeqWell, Milo), how to analyze the data (R/command line tools or Chipster/Seurat), and enjoy the state of the art talks in the symposium.

MON-TUE 16-17.9.2019 Single cell RNAseq workshop (DPBM-120)

Lectures 9:00-11:00 (Biomedicum Helsinki, P-level, meeting room 3)

Wet-lab workshops 12:00-16:00 at Biomedicum 2 (FIMM: 10x method) & Biomedicum 1 (C411, SeqWell&Milo methods)

Register here by 31.8.2019.

WED-THU 18-19.9.2019 Single cell RNA-seq data analysis using R (CSC, Espoo, advanced course, knowledge of R required). Program and registration here by 23.8.2019

TUE 24.9.2019 Single cell RNA-seq data analysis using Chipster (CSC, Espoo, beginner course, no R knowledge needed). Program and registration here by 30.8.2019.

MON 23.9.2018 Single Cell Transcriptomics Symposium (DPBM-151), Biomedicum, lecture hall 1. See the program here and register here by 16.9.2019.

Organizers and teachers: Doctoral Program in Biomedicine (DPBM), Päivi Saavalainen, Pirkko Mattila, Jenni Lahtela, Anna Vähärautio, Eija Korpelainen, Maria Lehtivaara, Bishwa Ghimire, Heli Pessa, Iivari Kleino

Sponsors: Doctoral Program in Biomedicine (DPBM), Illumina, 10x Genomics, MissionBio, AH Diagnostics, Fluidigm