Single cell course week

Single cell course week will be held again in September 2020 (dates to be specified later).

Meanwhile, below the 2019 course week program to have a look.

In this course week you will learn how to prepare single cell RNAseq libraries with platforms currently existing in Helsinki (10x Genomics Chromium, SeqWell, Milo), how to analyze the data (R/command line tools or Chipster/Seurat), and enjoy the state of the art talks in the symposium.

MON-TUE 16-17.9.2019 Single cell RNAseq workshop (DPBM-120)

Lectures 9:00-11:00 (Biomedicum Helsinki, P-level, meeting room 3)

Wet-lab workshops 12:00-16:00 at Biomedicum 2 (FIMM: 10x method) & Biomedicum 1 (C411, SeqWell&Milo methods).

Registration is closed. Program can be found here.

WED-THU 18-19.9.2019 Single cell RNA-seq data analysis using R (CSC, Espoo, advanced course, knowledge of R required). Program here, registration is closed.

TUE 24.9.2019 Single cell RNA-seq data analysis using Chipster (CSC, Espoo, beginner course, no R knowledge needed). Program here, registration is closed.

MON 23.9.2018 Single Cell Transcriptomics Symposium (DPBM-151), Biomedicum, lecture hall 1. Registration is closed, see the program here.

Organizers and teachers: Doctoral Program in Biomedicine (DPBM), Päivi Saavalainen, Pirkko Mattila, Jenni Lahtela, Anna Vähärautio, Eija Korpelainen, Maria Lehtivaara, Bishwa Ghimire, Heli Pessa, Iivari Kleino

Sponsors: Doctoral Program in Biomedicine (DPBM), Illumina, 10x Genomics, MissionBio, AH Diagnostics, Fluidigm, NanoString, ImmunoDiagnostics, NordicBioSite, BioTechne/ProteinSimple, IT-CAN/HiLIFE, iCAN (Digital Precision Cancer Medicine Flagship)