Perspectives on Partially Integrated Worldview Education

The research project examines partly integrated worldview education in lower secondary schools in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area as well as the implementation of inter-worldview dialogue education in these schools.

The research is based on classroom research, teaching experiments and research data systematically collected from pupils, teachers and guardians of the children. Teachers and third–sector operators have collaborated with researchers on the project.

The research brings out various ways of organising teaching as well as related challenges and benefits from a variety of perspectives. The project charts the various development needs related to worldview education as well as views on its significance and role.

Project members:

University Lecturer Marjaana Kavonius, project leader (

Doctoral Researcher Heidi Rautionmaa

Professor Arto Kallioniemi

Senior University Lecturer Saila Poulter

Janika Puikkonen, finalising her master’s thesis