HuSoEd collaborates in KOSS network

HuSoEd collaborates with Swedish and English researchers in the KOSS network

The network Knowledge and Quality across School Subjects and Teacher Education (KOSS) brings together three cross-disciplinary educational research groups, rooted in several academic disciplines from Sweden, Finland and England:

Together we seek to understand how educators and education systems can ensure that school-based knowledge building reaches its transformative potential.

In our work we draw upon the concepts ‘powerful knowledge’ and ‘epistemic quality’ to help us understand the qualities that knowledge building has when it is effective and empowering, and to help us understand how educational processes can build and develop these properties.

Our research focuses on the ways in which knowledge itself is transformed as it is recontextualized at individual, institutional and societal levels. Our long-term goal is to contribute to meeting the needs of future citizens by producing new knowledge about educational processes. This will have the potential to improve education by supporting the development of powerful subject disciplinary knowledge in schools.

KOSS is lead and administered by Karlstad University and is financed 2019–2024 by the Swedish Research Council.

KOSS activities over the years

KOSS X network meeting 

October 16–19, 2023 in Karlstad, Sweden

The concluding meeting of KOSS Network consisted of three days of discussing powerful knowledge and didactics. The participants visited classrooms and worked on several shared research projects.


Gérard Sensevy (University of Western Brittany): Cooperative Engineering in Joint Action Theory in Didactics (JATD): Epistemological, Theoretical, and Empirical Questions

NOFA 9: The 9th Nordic Conference on Subject Education – Education, knowledge and Bildung in a global world

May 9–11, 2023 in Vaasa, Finland

Symposium: Aiming towards powerful knowledge: recontextualisation across curriculum subjects

KOSS IX network meeting

21–23 March 2023, UCL Institute of Education; London and Online


Professor Stefan Hopmann (University of Vienna):  How subjects matter in schools: The powers of school knowledge

Emeritus Professor Michael Young (UCL Institute of Education): Reflections on the problem of conceptualising knowledge in educational research

KOSS VIII network meeting - Researching Powerful Knowledge across Various Educational Contexts

25–27 October 2022, University of Helsinki and Online


Professor Johan Muller (University of Cape Town): The palimpsests of knowledge: Negotiating differences in curriculum studies and didactics traditions

KOSS VII network meeting - Comparative Subject Didactics

15–17 March 2022, Karlstad University and Online


Professor Nikolaj Elf (University of Southern Denmark): From writing to green transition: Research in the qualities of comparative subject-specific didactics

Professor Anke Wegner (Trier University): Comparative research into didactics in Germany


KOSS VI network meeting - Towards Powerful Educational Knowledge: Perspectives from Educational Foundations, Curriculum Theory and Didaktik

18–20 October 2021, UCL Institute of Education and Online


Brian Barrett (SUNY – College at Cortland) & Jim Hordern (University of Bath): Towards Powerful Professional Knowledge in teacher education in the USA and England: Reframing the foundations

Johan Muller & Ursula Hoadley (University of Cape Town): A pedagogic compact: Retrieving ‘powerful’ educational knowledge from Didaktik and curriculum studies

Zongyi Deng (UCL Institute of Education): Constructing ‘Powerful’ Curriculum Theory

Helmut Johannes Vollmer (University of Hamburg): Education as Bildung: An essential frame for developing powerful professional knowledge for subject specialist teachers


Michael Young (UCL Institute of Education): Bridging divides in educational theory?


KOSS V network meeting – Developing teachers’ powerful professional knowledge

8–9 March 2021, online


Professor Clare Brooks (Institute of Education, UCL): Knowledge as a quality conundrum in initial teacher education programmes around the world
Professor Lise Iversen Kulbrandstad (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences): Reinventing subject teaching in Norwegian teacher education: A move towards developing powerful professional knowledge?

KOSS IV network meeting – Researching the Enactment of Powerful Knowledge

6–7 Oct 2020, online


Associate Professor Larissa McLean Davies (University of Melbourne): Investigating Powerful Literary Knowledge
Professor Ellen Krogh (University of Southern Denmark): Researching Comparative Disciplinary Didactics

KOSS III network meeting – Focus on transformation

4-6 March 2020, Institute of Education, University College London


Professor Chris Winch (Kings’s College London): Curriculum Design - Understanding Epistemic Ascent
Professor Zongyi Deng (Institute of Education, UCL): Powerful Knowledge, Transformation, Curriculum and Didaktik
Dr. Jim Hordern (Bath University): Recontextualisation and Subject Specialist Teaching

KOSS II network meeting – Focus on epistemic quality

16–18 October 2019, University of Helsinki


Professor Monique Loquet (Rennes 2 University): Characterising the Epistemic Quality of Knowledge Living in the Classroom as the Basis of Authentic Cultural Practices? The Case of Basketball in Physical Education
Emeritus Professor of Education Brian Hudson (University of Sussex): Epistemic Quality for Equitable Access to Quality Education in School

ECER Conference: Education in an Era of Risk – the Role of Educational Research for the Future

2–6 September 2019, Hamburg

Powerful Knowledge, Epistemic Quality and Knowledge Transformations: An international symposium on subjects, teacher subject knowledge and the transformation of knowledge in classrooms

17 January 2019, UCL Institute of Education, University College London


KOSS I network meeting – Focus on powerful knowledge

15–16 May 2019, Stockholm

NOFA7​ - Nordic Conference on​ Teaching and Learning in Curriculum Subjects

13–15 May 2019, Stockholm

The ROSE and HuSoEd workshop

15–17 October 2018, Tvärminne

ECER Conference: Inclusion and Exclusion, Resources for Educational Research?

3–4 September 2018, Bolzano

NERA: Educational Research: Boundaries, Breaches and Bridges

8-10 March 2018, Oslo

What kind of professional knowledge and professional identity should teacher education offer in relation to high quality subject-specific education?

21–22 February 2018, Apertin

The Role of Disciplines and School Subjects in Teacher Education and Research

18–19 January 2018, University of Helsinki

HuSoEd meets ROSE: Searching for the possible research collaboration between Karlstad University and the University of Helsinki

23–24 October 2017, University of Helsinki

NoFa6 - Nordic Conference on​ Teaching and Learning in Curriculum Subjects

29–31 May 2017, Odense

Research grants:

Swedish Research Council, network grant: Knowledge and Quality across School Subjects and Teacher Education (2019–2023)

Hanaholmen (Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland): Research collaboration between researchers of subject-specific teacher education of the University of Helsinki and Karlstad University, 2018