Jubilee seminar for Docent Jari Salminen (Sept. 28, 2018)

Jari Salminen is his 60th birthday jubilee seminar

A jublilee seminar was organized for Docent Jari Salminen (University of Helsinki, HuSoEd) for this 60th birthday on Friday, 28 September 2018. The afternoon seminar was named "Towards serious consideration of devilish dilemmas and societal preconditions" (”Kohti koulun pirullisten dilemmojen ja yhteiskunnallisten reunaehtojen vakavasti ottamista”). The seminar, built around the core themes from Salminen's career, was attended by numerous researchers, teachers and students who filled the large lecture hall in Athena in Siltavuorenpenger.

Please read the full description of the event written by Maria Ahlholm on our Finnish pages (in Finnish).