The Nevanlinna group includes geneticists and bioinformaticians working in close collaboration with senior clinicians.
Group leader, Heli Nevanlinna

Principal Investigator

I am an Adjunct Professor in genetics and a Clinical Laboratory Geneticist working at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital. I devote my time both to research on hereditary cancer susceptibility in Biomedicum Helsinki and to genetic diagnostics at HUSLAB.  Our long-standing close collaboration with the clinics has formed the basis for the genetic research, which eventually aims at better prediction of breast or ovarian cancer risk and survival of the patients.

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Carl Blomqvist

Clinical co-PI

Adjunct professor and specialist in medical oncology and radiotherapy.
I share my time between clinical work in the HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center and Örebro University Hospital. In research, I have focused on studying prognostic and predictive factors, treatment response and adverse effects.

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Kirsimari Aaltonen

PhD, Clinical specialist

I am a clinical geneticist working at the Department of Clinical Genetics, Helsinki University Hospital. I did my PhD thesis on hereditary breast cancer in 2008 and have continued the research collaboration alongside my clinical work. I wish to be able to bring some of the research findings to my daily clinical practice and help the patients in breast cancer families.


Anna Nurmi

PhD student

I'm a geneticist motivated by the clinical use of our research findings. My work is based on variant data from different sources and I aim to identify new cancer-related genes and variants, also with lab gloves on.


Erja Nynäs

PhD student

I am a bioinformatician with background in molecular biology. I use mainly sequencing and genotyping data in my research to find new cancer related variants.

On my free time I'm a cat breeder combining my two interests, genetics and cats, together.

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Maija Suvanto

Post-doctoral researcher

A postdoc with a passion for human disease genetics.

I did my doctoral thesis on pediatric kidney disease genetics and since 2016 I have worked here with breast cancer genetics.

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Maija Suvanto's E-thesis

  • Himanshu Chheda
  • Hannaleena Eerola
  • Rainer Fagerholm
  • Dario Greco
  • Tuomas Heikkinen
  • Elina Huovari
  • Maral Jamshidi
  • Sofia Khan
  • Johanna Kiiski
  • Outi Kilpivaara
  • Laura Kinnunen
  • Kati Kämpjärvi
  • Hanni Kärkkäinen
  • Sini Lehto
  • Taru Muranen
  • Netta Mäkinen
  • Liisa Pelttari
  • Salla Ranta
  • Anitta Tamminen
  • Johanna Tommiska
  • Laura Sarantaus
  • Pia Vahteristo
  • Paula Vehmanen
  • Sara Vilske