Research groups
In this page we introduce research groups associated with Helsinki Special Educational Needs research community
Active Numeracy

Active Numeracy is a mul­tidiscip­lin­ary research group from the fields of edu­ca­tional sciences, sport sciences, psy­cho­logy, and technology led by Professor Pirjo Aunio. Active Numeracy research group broadly investigates factors affecting mathematical learning and learning difficulties. The aim is to produce novel multidisciplinary research knowledge, which lays the foundation for developing new pedagogical strategies to support children's learning. The multidisciplinary research group consists of professionals from educational sciences, sport sciences, psychology, and technology.


Tuettu project is a consortium research project led by Professor Markku Jahnukainen and formed by researchers from the University of Helsinki and Tampere University. The project investigates questions involving inclusion from the point of view of educational class placement. Tuettu project aims to answer the question of what kind of consequences do student’s class placement and student composition of the class have for students receiving special support and their classmates.