Carbon dating

The Helsinki Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Facility (HAMS) is the only AMS system in Finland. Most radiocarbon determinations (research and industry) in Finland are done by us. High quality of the results is due to continued process optimization and advanced data-analysis. The sensitivity of the method is currently <10-17 and precision <0.2% for high-precision samples.


14C-AMS measurements


Standard 14C measurements include

  1. Archaeological and geological samples
  2. Bioportion measurements for gaseous, liquid and solid fuels, flume gases
  3. Cultural heritage samples from Finland

Sample preparation






Sampling system for CO2 and CH4 for 14C-AMS measurements


HAMS Seulametsa

We have developed a field-capable sampling system for the collection of CO2 samples for radiocarbon-concentration measurements. Most target systems in environmental research are limited in volume and CO2 concentration, making conventional flask sampling hard or impossible for radiocarbon studies. The present system captures the CO2 selectively to cartridges containing 13X molecular sieve material. The sampling does not introduce significant under-pressures or significant losses of moisture to the target system, making it suitable for most environmental targets. The system also incorporates a significantly larger sieve container for the removal of CO2 from chambers prior to the CO2 build-up phase and sampling. In addition, both the CO2 and H2O content of the sample gas are measured continuously. This enables in-situ estimation of the amount of collected CO2 and the determination of CO2 flux to a chamber.


Gas ion source


HAMS gas-is

In addition to the measurement of normal solid graphite samples (made from solid, liquid or gaseous carbon samples), one of our ion sources can measure the 14C from CO2 gas directly. This sidesteps several hours of samples preparation and enables the measurement of much smaller samples (down to 10 micrograms of carbon).






Bayesian data analysis