Urban Multilingualism (Helsinki)

Urban Multilingualism in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Showcasing the diversity of the languages spoken in the Helsinki metropolitan area

Researchers: Ekaterina Gruzdeva, Nailya Philippova, Sami Huttunen, with the help of students from the University of Helsinki course ‘Language in Society and Culture’ held in spring 2018

Project website: https://blogs.helsinki.fi/multilingualhelsinki/

The main goal of the project was to examine the individual multilingualism of HMA’s speakers and how it appears in their everyday life, based on a questionnaire that was used by the students to interview people of their choosing, the results of which were then collected and analysed by the project's researchers. 157 consultants were included in the research. They spoke 72 different mother tongues and 76 different languages in total. This is approximately 44% of the languages found in previous statistics. 6 languages previously unmentioned in statistics were found. Further and more detailed infomation on the project and its results can be found on the project's own website.