Laboratory manager, Emma Paasikivi (MLT) [on maternity leave]

Laboratory manager, Veronika Rezov (MSc)

Master's student, Nimish Godbole (MD, MSc)

Ville Vartiainen, MSc, doctoral student

Chang Li, MD, visiting researcher

Miao Yin, MD, PhD, post-doctoral researcher

Mira Tissari, MSc - Master's thesis 2015: ”Gremlin-1 regulates the expression of matrix metalloproteinases in malignant mesothelioma”

Jenni Tamminen, PhD - Doctoral thesis 2014: ”TGF-β family signaling in the regulation of cell plasticity in lung cells and mesothelioma”

Liisa Murray (née Kukkonen), MSc - Master's thesis 2012: “The cysteine knot protein gremlin associates with extracellular microfibrils”

Anna Kantola, PhD - Doctoral thesis 2010: ” Latent TGF-β binding proteins-3 and -4: transcriptional control and extracellular matrix targeting”