Tropical Ecology and Conservation

The last remaining tropical forests of our planet harbor astonishing levels of both biological and cultural diversity, and conserving them is crucial not only to meet globally-agreed biodiversity and climate goals, but also to safeguard crucial ecosystem services underpinning human well-being.

One of our core research lines studies the impacts of tropical deforestation on people and biodiversity. With sets of projects in Madagascar and the Amazon, our work spans from remote sensing analyses to quantify deforestation, to spatial analyses of fragmentation and its impacts on faunal groups such as birds and bats. We strive to understand where collapses in biodiversity have impacts on Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, for example, through biodiversity-linked effects on biological pest control, crop yields and disease at the forest frontier. Having a strong interest in the role of governance in conservation effectiveness, we also endeavor to making an impact in the political sphere.

Projects and team members

  • Carnivores in North Kenya / Miquel Torrents Ticó
  • Desert bats in North Kenya / Irene Conenna

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