List of people working in the geophysics of the hydrosphere group.
Petteri Uotila (PhD)

Petteri is the professor of hydrosphere geophysics in the University of Helsinki with a background in physical oceanography. His research focus is in the role of the oceans in providing long term, seasonal to decadal, climatic predictability. For more details, see his research portal profile.

He teaches physical oceanography courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Ekaterina Ezhova (PhD)

Ekaterina's research interests include atmosphere-biosphere-land surface interactions and climate-health issues. For more details, see her university research portal page.

She is the responsible teacher for four master-level courses in the geophysics of hydrosphere: Frozen ground, global hydrology, descriptive oceanography and dimensional analysis.

Ivan Mammarella (PhD)

Ivan  is the professor in biohydrometeorology, whose research is mostly related to biosphere-atmosphere interactions and, in particular, on measuring and understanding vertical exchange processes of momentum, energy, greenhouse gases, other trace gases and aerosol particles between the atmosphere and different terrestrial ecosystems (forest, peatland and lake). More about Ivan's research can be found from University of Helsinki research portal.

His teaching involves turbulence theory, physics of lakes and rivers and field course in micrometeorology and hydrology.

Aki Vähä (MSc)

Aki is a doctoral candidate, currently working on his PhD thesis 'Gas transfer in an aquatic environment' under the supervision of Prof. Timo Vesala, Petteri Uotila and Ivan Mammarella. His current research concentrates on eddy covariance fluxes, measured during the KITEX campaign in 2018 from the boreal river Kitinen. His other research topics include water-side turbulence. More about Aki's research can be found from University of Helsinki research portal.

Joonatan Ala-Könni (MSc)

Joonatan is a doctoral candidate with a background in hydrology, in particular physics of lakes. His PhD thesis is focused on the energy balance and gas fluxes of lakes in winter and spring. His teaching activities involve in measurement methods in hydrosphere geophysics.

Tereza Uhlikova (MSc)

Tereza is a doctoral candidate studying the effects of Arctic amplification and extreme weather in North Europe.

Cecilia Äijälä (MSc)

Cecilia Äijälä is a Doctoral Researcher, currently working on her PhD thesis 'New understanding on sea-ice dynamics and ice-ocean interaction' under the supervision of Prof. Petteri Uotila in the project PolarRES. Her current research concentrates on air-ice-sea interactions in the polar oceans and Antarctic ocean modelling. She got her master's degree in hydrosphere geophysics at the University of Helsinki in 2020, where she also studied computer science. More about Cecilia's research can be found on her research portal page.

Past members

Fabio Boeira Dias, a postdoctoral researcher, worked in the COLD project, where the impact of Antarctic Ice Sheet - Southern Ocean interactions on marine ice sheet stability and ocean circulation was studied. In particular, he investigated how oceanic processes govern the heat transport underneath the ice shelves, and how Antarctic marginal processes might impact large-scale ocean dynamics. Fabio was also involved in teaching of basics in oceanography, dynamic oceanography and glaciology.

Chengfei Jiang, a doctoral researcher from the Tianjin University & National Satellite Ocean Application Service, State Oceanic Administration visited us in 2021-2023. His research subject was Polar sea-ice and remote sensing applications.

Yafei Nie, a doctoral researcher, visited us from the Ocean University of China in 2020-2022. His research topics included ocean dynamics, sea-ice geophysics, data assimilation and ocean reanalysis.

Xiaoqiao Wang, a doctoral researcher from the School of Oceanography, Shanghai Jiao Tong University visited us in 2021-2022. Her research was related to impacts of atmospheric forcing on the sea ice and water mass processes in Antarctic coastal polynyas.