Muscle and fat biopsy

Biopsies can be used to study changes in the metabolism of tissues and expressing of diabetes genes in the separate tissues.

All the tissues and cells contain the same genes but they do not operate in all tissues. The certain genes are operating (expressing) in certain tissues and in another tissues, however, other genes. Likewise the genes can be turned off or overactivated in some conditions as diabetes. (expressing can be de- or increased)

After the local anaesthesia a small slash is made to the skin which through the sample is taken with a biopsy needle. The sample is taken usually from the quadricep and/or from the fat tissue from the stomach or from the buttock. The wound is sewed with two stitches, which will be taken away after a week. After the biopsies, the examinee has to avoid a heavy muscle practice until the stitches have been removed (the time of about the week).